A shelter needs a name

Alright! If you have not read the previous post, you would benefit to do so now.

Here is how we need you.

We want to get moving on starting this shelter. Much has already been done, and even more is already in the works. Meeting are taking place, documents are being created, things are moving, people.

In the long term, I’m compiling a list of those who are already involved in the Nashville area, and those who want to be involved. If you’ve been looking for something to fight, this is it. Post a comment or send me a message and let me know how you want to be involved. Don’t be upset if we don’t contact you right away. This is going to be like running a marathon. You don’t sprint the entire thing (unless you are Ryan Hall) and you definitely don’t run it if you haven’t trained and worked your way there. We are going to go slow, take our time, and do this well.

In the short term, as in, right now, we need a name! We need you to warm up your creative juices, and start commenting with name suggestions. If we choose your name idea, you’ll win the grand prize! I don’t know what that is, but you’ll win something. Maybe hugs for life, a book, or batches of my secret recipe chocolate chip cookies, or mow your lawn. Something wonderful.

Here’s some words to get you started:

  • Focused on social, legal, and advocacy
  • Justice
  • For international victims of human trafficking
  • Will be a shelter (top – secret location, FYI)
  • Home
  • Restore
  • Survivor

Remember, when brainstorming, no idea is a bad idea. Read the comments. Respect the ideas of others, and use their words to spur your own creativity. We need a great name that reflects who and what we are.

The name will be chosen next week, the announcement set tentatively for next Friday. You have until Thursday at noon.


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  1. Here's a brain dump for you….

    Stop Traffic
    Stop Traffic – Save Women
    Traffic Stop
    Nashville Traffic Stop

    Empower Women
    Empower: Nashville

    Haven from Harm

    Hope this helps!

  2. chacah "Kwah-saw" is a Hebrew word that means "to seek refuge, or to flee for protection, to put trust in God, to confide or hope in (God)" Psalm 16:1

    misgab "Mis-gawb" is another Hebrew word that means "defence, high fort, refuge" Psalm 9:9

    I'm sure you could play around with these a bit!

  3. If we're only talking the name of the shelter itself then I think the name should be something that speaks to the victims more than to those of us who may support it. Or is the shelter and the organization that drives support for it going to be one and the same?

  4. Hope House (cheesy, I know–lol– and probably pretty common)
    Haven for Hope (thanks, Laura, for the idea 🙂 )
    Home of Hope

    Yes, I like the "hope" idea. These girls are coming out of a life of hopelessness. Maybe there is another word to convey the same idea. Hope just comes to mind right away.

  5. Hey Kayla,

    I've been working to end slavery in Nashville for a couple of years now, first as State Director for the Not for Sale Campaign and now as Director of Anti-Slavery Ministries for International Teams. I– and a small army of other volunteers that is. We're doing a wide variety of things from teaching in the local John's school and area college classes, to training professionals, finding venues to sell products made by rescued slaves, developing prevention materials and starting a community watch program and so much more.

    One of those volunteers/friends gave me the heads up that you are working to start a shelter and that is such exciting news. I'd love to hear more about your plans and progress and to talk to you in more depth. Perhaps I can even be of some help? (The folks at the Home Foundation know me, BTW)

    So get in touch sometime. 🙂 derri.smith@iteams.org .


  6. Hey Kyla,

    I passed your blog info on to a friend of mine who passed the info on to Derri (Hi, Derri! I used to go to church with Sophia at CCC and we were in a small group together). Just wanted to let you know the connection here so you aren't racking your brain trying to figure it out. 🙂 I hope you two can connect.

  7. Pat

    Hi Kyla

    It is great to see how the Lord is using you in this way . Thank you for being obedient in following the prompting of the Holy Spirit . About the name for your shelter . I would like to share something a young lady shared with me recently . She found an old barbie doll lying around . It was battered and broken . I think an arm or leg was also missing . She had been praying about coming back to S.A to help us at Angels of Mercy . She shared with me how she thought that this broken barbie made her think of the traffick victims who are "broken" . Is this not what Jason is referring to in choosing the name . It should be something which that young woman would relate to . The Lord tells us to "bind up the broken-hearted — Isaiah 61:1 . I know that the Lord will open the doors for you to do amazing stuff and i look forward to watching this develop . Are you not doing according to His Will ?

  8. Rich

    Is the name intended to inform victims about resources? Or is it to inform donors about where they can help?

    What if you tie the name into the Underground Railroad, which is one of the great liberation movements in US history? Are there any native Nashville folks who had a hand in helping slaves escape? Could you name it in honor or reference to one of them?

    • kylajoyful

      The name is more to inform victims about resources, so that they know a safe place exists for them. The location itself will be secret, but we need people to know what it is and that it's available. The underground railroad idea is fantastic. Going to look into that one. Keep the ideas coming, thanks everyone for the contributions so far. I'm reading your comments, even if I haven't replied to them yet!

  9. Oswaldo

    Despues de hablar con una amiga aqui, pensamos en "Libertad spot", la primer palabra en Espanol para que sea recordada y porque este lugar va ser diferente de los que ya existen, y spot porque es un lugar en el universo donde estas personas pueden encontrar ayuda. Espero que te sirva 🙂

  10. kylajoyful

    From M:
    my suggestion is Elysiums Bower. Elysium meaning paradise in most faiths, since you hopefully will be serving all and bower of course being a safe place.

    Keeping their souls clean and pure,

    Never letting their hearts be defiled by the taint

    Of evil and injustice,

    And barbaric venality,

  11. If the purpose is to let victims know a safe place is there for them then I would suggest nothing too fancy. Obviously, it's fun to come up with a creative and unique name. However, I've found over the 20+ years I was in broadcasting and writing commercials for people that simple is better. Convey the message simply and easily.

    I think the Underground Railroad suggestion and Elysiums Bower are great ideas…my concern is that a woman trapped in this isn't likely to want to stop and think about it. The name needs to be something simple, clear and powerful so that a woman who's being beaten or raped can hear the name and immediately know it's a home for them.

    Something like "Freedom House" or "Grace Haven" or something like that. I guess something like "Safe Crossing" could work to tie the railroad angle into it.

  12. ryan

    Stand in the Gap
    Hope Protection
    Restore Life
    Refill with Life
    Justice Home
    Shelter from the Storm (see Ben Gortmaker's song)
    Restoration Shelter (not to be confused with Restoration Hardware)

  13. Hannah

    Lovewell Refuge.

    There is a significance behind the name which will only be shared if its chosen. Since it involves some other people.

  14. Ashley

    Underground Justice


    Underground Justice Mission (play off IJM, since they are an amazing ministry and you use to live next door to their headquarters)


    UJAM (Underground Justice & Awareness Mission) or (Underground Justice & Advocacy Mission)

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